Food Sovereignty, Security and Nutrition (Rural and Urban Program)

SWAGEN is promoting agro-ecological and organic agriculture practices at household level. This involves indigenous seed preservation, soil nutrient recycling and natural methods of pest and disease control.

Under Food Sovereignty, security and nutrition, we have;

  • Ecological Agriculture
  • Diversification of Agricultural production
  • Promotion of non-traditional crops
  • Reduction of Post Harvest losses
  • Agro-processing
  • Beekeeping
  • Agro forestry

Achievments : SWAGEN represents East Africa on the Civil Society Mechanism Coordinating Committee (CSM CC) for engagement with FAO’s Committee on Food Security.

Environment Conservation

Under this program component the organization works with forest dependent communities, with women spearheading the process, to secure their rights to participate in and share benefits of Natural Resource Conservation in a collaborative management arrangement with National Forest Authority.
Under this program, there is;

  • Climate Change adaptation e.g Household energy efficient devices
  • Climate Change mitigation e.g CO2 Sequestration
  • Household Rainwater Harvesting
  • Alternative Renewable Energy
  • Solid Waste recycling
  • Forest, Soil and Biodiversity Conservation

Achievements: SWAGEN is the only women’s organization that has signed a Collaborative Forest Management agreement with the National Forest Authority.

Women's rights as Human rights

  • Civic Education
  • Leadership and Management training

At national Level SWAGEN's CO2 Sequestration program;

  • Has a Collaborative Forest Management Agreement with National Forest Authority (NFA)
  • Represents Forest Dependent Communities on REDD+ Working Group
  • Implements the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Project of the World Bank in partnership with NFA

At International Level, SWAGEN;

  • Represents East Africa CSOs on the Civil Society Mechanism Coordinating Committee (CSM CC) for engagement with Committee on Food Security (CFS) of the UN FAO
  • Represents Africa CSOs on the Climate Investment Fund Forest Investment Program (CIF FIP).